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Sarah Kesterson - President


Sarah Kesterson

Sarah Wolf - Vice President


Sarah Wolf

Randy Sorrell - Treasurer


Randy Sorrell

Frances Hull - Secretary


Frances Hull is a passionate advocate for both the theater scene and her beloved town of Greenfield.  As a local business owner, France co-owns Hometown Comics & Games, where she actively supports the arts by selling tickets for various productions as well as advertising for them.

Frances' commitment to the arts extends beyond her role as a business owner.  She has graced the stage of the Ricks Centre for the Arts with several different groups, showcasing her talent and dedication to performing arts.  Her performances range from enchanting ballet productions to captivating musicals and thought-provoking plays.

In addition to her contributions to the local theater community, Frances generously volunteers her time and expertise.  She serves as a board member and choreographer for KidsPlay, channeling her passion for creativity and mentorship to enrich the lives of young performers.

Outside her theatrical pursuits, Frances remains deeply engaged in her community.  You can often find her lending her voice to church services, teaching painting in her store, and sharing her love for board games by teaching others how to play around town.

Frances Hull's multifaceted involvement in the arts and her community exemplifies her unwavering dedication to enriching the cultural landscape of Greenfield.  Her tireless efforts and infectious enthusiasm continue to inspire and uplift those around her, leaving an incredible mark on the local arts scene.

Greg Carwein - Board Member


Greg Carwein

Tony Seiler - Executive Director

Tony Seiler_edited_edited.jpg

Tony Seiler is very involved in the community and sits on many local community boards.  He opened and has owned Greenfield Music Center for the past 22 years, is a Parks employee helping with entertainment and has been the Executive Director of the Ricks theater since January 2022.  His knowledge and passion for entertainment has been a huge influence in our community.

Heather Wornstaff - Assistant to the Executive Director / Lighting Specialist


Heather was born and raised in Greenfield, Indiana and has been an active member of the arts and entertainment community.


Heather currently assists the Executive Director with various duties and works on many aspects of the lighting for the theater ranging from stage lighting, running concert lighting or even changing the light bulbs on the marquee.  Ironically, Heather worked at the theater during high school when it was previously called The Village Cinema.


Outside of the theater, Heather’s career is working in finance at a recovery program for women called Fresh Start. She can also be found running the concert lighting at the Depot Street Park Amphitheater for the Greenfield Parks Summer Concert Series as well as DJing various events for Greenfield Music Center.

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