Ricks Centre for the Arts


Stage and Misc.
• Stage is 32'w x 22'd.
• Stage dress includes a black traveler curtain upstage, a maroon traveler curtain halfway downstage (both open from the center out), and two black legs per side (to hide the wings).
• The deck (stage) is 48" above the auditorium floor (the folks in the first few rows cannot see the deck - please plan accordingly).
• Two dressing rooms and a unisex bathroom are located off of stage left (no showers).
• Stage access from the house is via upstage right. There is also a movable downstage stairway that can be placed anywhere other than the center (owing to the subwoofers being there). (The stage can also be accessed from upstage left if you don't mind going outside and across the back of the building.) (Theoretically one can cross behind the upstage curtain, but sometimes this is blocked by various items.)
• Load-in is directly onto the deck via a 7' wide overhead door. The deck is about 28" above the alley (perfect for vans and pickups).

Lighting Equipment Dimmer Rack
• 1x ETC Sensor + (upgradeable to 96 channels; 400 Amp 3 phase mains supply - 140kW total.)

Lighting Equipment Console
• 1x ETC SmartFade 2496 (48 faders, 96channels). (Or bring your own DMX console - 5 pin output or adapter cable required. Allow plenty of time for patching, as some operators feel that a 1:1 patch does not suit their working style.)

Lighting Equipment Instruments
• 40+x Altman Shakespeare Ellipsoidal (600W).
• 10x ? Fresnel (600W).
• 9x ? "Scoop" (500W) (upstage curtain valance color wash).
• 1x Strand Trouperette Follow Spot (located in an overlook at the rear of the hall).
• More instruments are to be added soon.

Video Equipment
• 1x Eiki LC-X71 Projector (5500 lumens) with AH-24241 lens. (Resolution 1024x728 computer, 800 lines TV.) Inputs include VGA/XVGA, DVI-D/HD-HDCP, Component Video/Computer (5xBNC),Component Video (3xRCA), S-Video. PS/2 and USB computer interfaces are included for remote computer control.
• 1x Draper 14' x 14' retractable video screen.
• 1x Oppo BDP-83 Blu-Ray DVD player.
• 1x Dell notebook computer (DVD and PowerPoint playback).
• Want to video tape your event? You can do so from two overlooks at the rear of the hall (as well as in the hall itself). (If requested in advance, we can supply an audio feed - or a digital recording of up to 24 tracks.)

Instruments and Backline
• 1x Howard (by Baldwin) baby grand piano (located on the main floor).
• 1x Yamaha Motif 8 with 88 key fully weighted keybed (grand, electric, and other sounds).
• The Ricks Center can supply most any instrument or backline that you can imagine, via our friends at Jonas Productions (additional cost; advanced notice required).

Audio Equipment Input Devices:
• 5x Audix OM7 dynamic vocal mic (the best stage wash and feedback resistance available).
• 1x Audix OM6 dynamic vocal mic (for talking heads, and those with poor mic discipline).
• 3x Audix SCX1-C small diaphragm condenser mic (hi-hat, drum overhead, instrument, etc.) .
• 7x Audix ADX20 "Micro-D" condenser mic (rack tom, snare, horn, acoustic bass, violin, etc).
• 2x Audix M1244-HC Micro condenser mic (guitar cabinet, acoustic bass, instruments, etc.).
• 1x Audix ADX10 condenser mic (with flute mount) (anything an ADX20 is too large for).
• 1x Audix D6 (kick drum, floor tom).
• 3x Audix D4 (floor tom, instrument, percussion, guitar or bass cabinet, etc.).
• 1x Audix Fireball V harmonica microphone.
• 4x EV 767a dynamic vocal microphone.
• 3x Heil PR40 large diaphragm dynamic mic (kick drum, acoustic bass, , guitar cabinets, etc.).
• 4x Radial Pro48 Active DI (bass, acoustic with pickup, vintage passive keyboard, etc.).
• 1x Radial ProD2 Passive dual-channel DI (keyboard, sampler, VDrum, etc.).
• (The above are courtesy of TP audio.)
• 2x Crown PCC160 boundary microphone (large ensemble).
• 2x Crown PCC170 boundary microphone (large ensemble).

Audio Equipment Wireless:
• 9x Sennheiser EW100G3 wireless, with 4x Sennheiser lavalier microphone (black) and 4x Sennheiser headset microphone (black and very conspicuous).
• (In lieu of the Sennheiser mics are 9x Countryman E6 micro headset microphones. Owing to the delicate nature of these microphones, there is an additional charge for their use, to cover maintenance costs).

Audio Equipment Playback Devices
• 1x Numark CDN25 Dual CD Player (with single play and cue).
• 1x Dell notebook computer (MP3 playback, PowerPoint presentations, backup DVD player).

Audio Equipment Mixing Console (FOH + Monitors)
• 1x Yamaha LS9-32 Digital Mixing Console.

Audio Equipment Loudspeakers, Amplification, and Processing - House
• 4x Yorkville U15B Unity Horn bi-amplifier three-way point-source (two per side)
• 2x QW118 subwoofer (centered under the deck).
• 2x Crown K1 Power Amplifier (mid/highs - 350 Watts per box - total 1400W).
• 2x Crown K2 Power Amplifier (lows - 800 Watts per box - total 3200W).
• 1x Crown K2 Power Amplifier (subs - 1250 Watts per box - total 2500W).
• 1x Rane RPM88 Programmable Multiprocessor.

Audio Equipment Loudspeakers, Amplification, and Processing - Monitors
• 6x JBL MP412.
• 3x Crown K1 Power Amplifier (monitor mixes 1 thru 6 - 350 Watts per mix).
• 1x Rane RPM88 Programmable Multiprocessor (monitor EQ and limiting - six mixes).

Misc. Equipment and Information
• Band AC Power Stage Drops: TPA AC power cables.
• Drop Snakes: Whirlwind Mini-12 (three).
• FOH Snake: Horizon 40 x 18 (yes, eighteen). (Stage box is located 10' off of stage right.)
• Loudspeaker cables: Coleman 12/4, with Neutrik NL4 connectors.
• Mic and line level cables: Horizon LowZ1, with Neutrik connectors.
• 24 track digital hard-disc 24/96 recording is available (with sufficient advance notice).
• For show staff communications, the Ricks Center employs multiple Production Intercom stations (located at FOH, the "crow's nest", the overlooks, offstage left, and offstage right).
• The Ricks Center employs an ADA compliant Listen Technologies Assisted Listening System (with four receivers) for the convenience of those who are hearing impaired.
• Internet access is available via an Ethernet port at FOH.
• We can supply WiFi if requested in advance.
• Artist-provided in-ear monitors are most welcome! The more the merrier. We can provide a total of six mono monitor mixes (on in-ears and/or wedges in any combination), plus a stereo in-ears mix.
• Wireless handheld vocal mics: If they are truly important to the quality of your show, no troubles. Otherwise we'd prefer not to use them, as in our experience only mega-bucks models (Shure UHFR, Sennheiser 3000, AKG4000, etc.) offer a level of sound quality that approaches that of our wired mics).
• Acoustic bassists: We highly recommend the K & K Bassmax and David Gage Realist pickups (both companies make pickups for other string instruments as well). Use either of these into a Radial active DI, and you'll have a great live bass setup.