Ricks Centre for the Arts


H.J. Ricks Centre for the Arts
The H.J. Ricks Centre for the Arts is available for your next event. A schedule of rental fees appears below and outlines the scale established by our Board of Directors. Please contact Tony Seiler for availability. He can be reached by phone at 317-477-SHOW (7469).

Fee schedule
H.J.Ricks Centre for the Arts
All times include set-up and tear-down (strike)
Day rates = Weekdays, 10 am-10 pm; Fri/Sat/Sun. 9 am - Midnight

Commercial Promotions Rate

Business Rate
Rental period= Day
Cost = $400, for show dates and 25.00 a day for rehearsal and set up days

Non-Profit Rate
Rental period= Day
Cost = $250.00 for show dates and 25.00 a day for set up and rehearsal days

Private events
Receptions, parties, etc.
Rental period= Day
Cost = $400

Meeting Rate
Includes use of A/V equipment and Basic tech service; See below
Rental period= Monday through Thursday only; between 9 am - 4 pm; Facility must be vacated by 5 pm

25.00 a day plus our Soundman fee if needed

Other Fees/Misc
All events/groups may be asked to post a Cleanup/Damage deposit of $200. Refundable.
Rental includes Basic tech services ="lights on" and one active microphone.
Rental includes auditorium, lobby, concession and ticket areas, gallery area and guest office.
Rental does not include gallery wall space or gallery exhibition system unless specified.
More advanced technical services for sound and/or lighting are available; Rates are $200 a show for these technicians.
Only HCVB approved technicians will be permitted to operate house audio/lighting systems.

Tony Seiler at 317-477-SHOW, or email: info@hcvb.org

Ricks Centre/HCVB Inc. 122 W. Main St., Greenfield, IN 46140